The Group

Based in the UK, Alston Garrard & Co. Ltd was established in 1992 to market and distribute pharmaceutical and associated products from UK and European manufacturers through a network of distributors in Africa, Asia and The Caribbean.

Africa was identified as being a key continent for growth, so in 1999 an associated company was formed in Kenya, Kulal International Ltd, to bring Alston Garrard closer to its market place in East Africa.  In 2002, Medipharm Industries (E.A.) Ltd and Medipharm Sales Ltd were added.  Based in Kampala, Uganda, Medipharm Industries (E.A.) Ltd provided an East African manufacturing base for paediatric liquids and dry powders together with Oral Rehydration Salts.  Medipharm Sales Ltd was responsible for the marketing and distribution of the Alston Garrard agency products.  All other countries are handled through independent, but closely allied distributors who are renowned for their local knowledge of the market place in which they operate.