Our Services to Distributors

TrainingAlston Garrard has locally based personnel to support local activities in Ghana, Ethiopia and Jamaica.  This is supplemented by UK and Kenya based personnel as and when necessary.

Regulatory SupportAs the maintenance of registration is usually the responsibility of the local distributor, the in-house regulatory department is able to ensure distributors receive formulation and/ or packaging updates in the correct format.  Alston Garrard will also assist local distributors in the monitoring of the dossier to ensure its relevance to the actual product provided.

Organisation of Local Seminars – Our local representation in various        territories means that we are able to organise local seminars in order to make people aware of our suppliers and their products.

Marketing SupportAlston Garrard has over 50 years marketing experience in Africa, Asia and The Caribbean. This expertise is available to all our distributors whether it be in the form of developing marketing plans, training or new product development.  Regular market visits ensure that the relationship between Alston Garrard and the distributor is productive, competitive and beneficial to all parties.

Product Knowledge – Our local representation in various territories means that we are able to provide our distributors with extensive product knowledge from our suppliers.